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We are very excited to carry a full line of Adee Kaye Watches.  These watches are absolutely impressive from start to finish both on paper and in person.  Adee Kaye watches are loaded with features, quality, style, and craftsmanship.  We want to be the first official website  to review and release products once Adee Kaye Online has introduced them.  As mentioned below we have been carrying Adee Kaye Watches since about 1999 and we have not only been impressed by the watches they make, but also the quality of the customer service they provide.

Adee Kaye Watch News Review:

AK7777:  The AK7777 watch was released this March.  This is one massive watch and is made of solid Titanium.  This watch also employs some really interesting technologies.  One being the AK7777 has Super Luminova hour markers, which enables even the black numbers to glow in the dark.  This allow Adee Kaye to use color combination that watch companies have been restricted from using without the use of yellowish hour markers.  The next is the three dimensional which gives this watch an incredible look and feel.  After this you see the micro independent movement and Adee Kaye on the side of the case.


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Adee Kaye Watches For Men

We have been carrying Adee Kaye Watches since about 1999 and have been very pleased with there styling and quality.  In fact as of today we don’t know many companies making this quality of watch at these prices.  We like the fact that these watches use superior quality materials and craftsmanship.  Many watch connoisseurs have told us we don’t know how Adee Kaye makes these watches at these prices and this is coming from people that are use to paying thousands of dollars per watch.  You will notice that Adee Kaye has been around for quite some time and has developed quite a following.  In fact we have had many collectors buy one of ever color or close to one of every color on new models when we received them.  That is saying a lot as these are customers that are use to paying thousands of dollars per watch and when they are impressed with the quality this is quite an advertisement.  You probably have noticed by now that we are very selective on what watch brands we will carry. We look for brands that really deliver a superior product for the money and that have a certain uniqueness to them and Adee Kaye watches deliver on both of these points.  Let’s face it most everybody likes getting a higher quality watch for less money and much more when this is a watch this not a bland and common.  Enjoy the style, quality, craftsmanship, and reputation of these Adee Kaye Watches!

Enjoy Adee Kaye watches for sale at incredibly cheap prices!

See why Adee Kaye is known for such great watches.  These watches use high quality materials, 3 year warranty on the movements, Adee Kaye display cases, and complex working movements!

Adee Kaye Watches

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