Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry

Our goal is to sell higher quality affordable hip hop jewelry at a cheaper price than people are used to seeing.   We have been in business since 1999 and have seen a lot of hip hop jewelry fads come and go and quality is always in style.   Now we can do this as we mark up our items very little and because of our range of quality and affordable jewelry we do a great deal of repeat business!   Many companies in the same industry have the same goal but what sets us apart is our low overhead.   Some companies will have to sacrifice on style or quality while others will have to sacrifice on the cheap prices to cover their overhead cost.   We have been in business for a long time and yet we can still keep our prices low making us one of the cheapest producers of hip hop jewelry on the internet.
Hip Hop Jewelry has come a long way and quality checks are ever increasing.

We have had many customers tell us “We wish we would have found you years ago.” because they have been over paying for the same quality iced out jewelry for years.  So when a customer calls in and says they are used to buying real diamond hip hop jewelry and cannot tell the difference once they receive our iced out jewelry we know that our quality check process is working.

We use the new Micro-Pave movement of using very small bling bling stones you really need to have a well-trained eye and often times specialized equipment to tell the difference.   Even many of the major rappers have switched their pieces out to the more affordable new Micro-Pave movement iced out gear because they can’t tell the difference and know you can’t either.   So, if you can’t tell the difference and the average person on the street can’t tell the difference you might want to consider spending $70 over $7,000.   The cost difference may not be much to some but to others the extra cheap prices with the low markup really helps and you’re not sacrificing quality.


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