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Custom G-Shock Watches - Iced Out

Custom G-Shock Watches

These are very impressive custom G-Shock watches in person.  In fact we have received very positive feedback on  customized g-shocks watches.  Part of the positive feedback could be due to the extreme measures that were put into the production of these watches.  One of the very impressive features put into these watches is the plating process alone is an 8 to 10 step process. Not just a simple dip! Then the stones used are all hand selected to make sure the clarity, bling, and color all match beautifully! Which is kind of a big deal as long as the process is for just one watch.Then of course the inside workings of the watch and anything that is not custom is Casio G-Shock original equipment.  If you want non-iced out watches you might want to consider these OMAX Digital Watches.  The custom watches for sale below are made in a quality that just can not be faked.  If you like this superior quality we have a very specific and exclusive section for you called custom jewelry.  So, enjoy and happy shopping!


Extreme high-end Custom G-shock watches for sale:

Also, you will noticed that many people will not make these customized Casio’s in this quality level and if they do they may sell them $400, $500, and sometimes even $800.00 more per watch.  Enjoy and see the difference quality and buying direct can make!

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