Custom Iced Out Watch Bands

Do you already have a leather band or rubber strap watch you want to upgrade. These custom iced out watch bands are an excellent quality bling bling jewelry piece to add to your current watch or you may by an iced out watch off our site. These iced out bands are a very high quality jewelry piece. In fact the bling bling used in these bands are actually high quality simulated diamond CZ stones. Please due blow up the pictures to see the larger pictures as these bands blow a lot of the custom bands that are out their out of the water. Some things to note on these custom watch bands is they use actual brass and not recycled alloy. The reason this is nicer is this will have a better weight, last longer, and plaiting holds up very well. In fact some higher end sterling silver pieces will be made of solid sterling silver and they will add thin layer of brass to help the rhodium to stay on the jewelry better. Also, you will notice that these use very high end CZ bling that you should not be able to tell the difference between these and real diamonds. This sure beats the obvious cheap looking stones seen on cheaper quality versions. Also, regarding the stones they are actually built into the band and not just glued to the surface of the band. You also notice a bright smooth double plaited finish with an actual double security jewelry clasp. If the band does not fit your watch you can buy a file at your local hardware store and give your custom bracelet just the right fit.


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