Geneva Watches

We are happy to carry both a women’s and men’s line of Geneva Watches and in fact we started selling Geneva Watches back in the late 90’s.  These watches have always been what we would consider to be reasonably priced and come in a nice variety of colors and styles.  Most recently we have been adding some very trendy iced out watches by

Geneva Watches

Geneva Watches

Geneva and Mark Naimer grouped into a men’s and a women’s section.  The men’s watches at the point in time have an accent of bling while the ladies watches currently do as well.  From the start until now the Geneva watches have been at a really cheap prices and have Quartz Movements.  The Quartz Movements are nice as this makes the watches very reliable in regards to keeping time.  In fact the Quartz Movement is often more accurate than many of the group of elite watches that use mechanical movement.  In fact this type of movement is for sale cheaper than the other group of elite watches could even think about being sold out wholesale wise.  So, this is awesome when you can buy a watch below what the elite and big brand watches are sold for wholesale.


One nice feature about this group of watches is that they are often times coming out with new styles and designs.  Recently most of the bands are what some call jelly band, but more accurately would be called silicone or rubber bands.  These silicone and rubber bands are great as they are very durable, stylish, and comfortable to wear.  This is a great combination for any watch band.  We have even have another brand called Mark Naimer make the entire watches rubberized.  But, as you look through our group of Geneva watches you will notice we only put the elite up in styling and color combinations out.  We are very selective and only the elite make it to the site.  Right now as mentioned earlier in this paragraph a big focus on current trends is silicone watches with quartz movements.  Whatever the biggest trends are we work to stay on top of them.

One of the nice thing about these watches is the prices are so cheap and they styling so sharp that you really could buy a watch for every outfit as the cost is next to nothing. Now, there are different levels and styles of Geneva watches and many we sell close to wholesale and if you are buying in larger volumes we can get you wholesale pricing.


Men’s Geneva Watches

Most of the watches in this section do have ice or simulated diamonds on them to give them a very elite look and feel.  One of the more recent men’s watches have just a little bit of ice on the bezel with a quartz movement to make the watch look much more realistic.


Geneva Watches for Women

The geneva watches we carry for women have a very high fashion value and the prices are incredible when you consider how much watch you get for the money!

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