Hip Hop Chains

Hip hop chains has become an increasingly popular staple for us.  We now offer blowout deals that typically can not be found anywhere else.  We are constantly working to push the envelope on the quality of chain we can offer at the cheapest price we can offer.  This may not be as profitable, but it sure does make for more repeat business and happier customers.  You might want to social bookmark this page as we work to put the latest styles up here and this page is regularly updated.  We now offer premade hip hop jewelry chain and pendant sets as well as traditional and classic chains.

Right now the trends are varying widely.  Both the small and long chains are doing well.  There was a season only the longer chains were the main style.  Then after this only the shorter chains were requested.  Now we are in a season were our customers are liking both the shorter and longer chains, as well as everything in between.  The same thing is true for the iced out pendants.  We have customers order both large and smaller pendants at the same time.  We do see a little bit of a resurgence on some of the mid-size pendants.  All of these trends affect our chain choices.  So, right now just about any size you buy is up to date with the current trends.  Both gold and silver are selling well with the black chains not as popular as they once were.  Cubans as always have been a huge staple in the hip hop jewelry market.

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