Hip Hop Chains

As trends change so does our selection of iced out gear, hip hop jewelry, and hip hop chains as well.  It is very exciting to see all the different and styles that we have been releasing and it will be very interesting to see what comes out in the near future.  From custom pendants to our variety of hip hop chains you are sure to find something that meets your needs or even brings you into another realm of style and quality.


You will notice we don’t carry one cheap glued in stone hip hop chain.  This is on purpose and we continue to work on bringing higher quality pieces to the general hip hop gear and jewelry public.  This is important to note as many of our customers focus on having the highest quality and realistic bling at a very reasonable price and this is exactly what we deliver.  In your iced out chains it is important to see the quality of not only the stone but its placement as well.  All of the stones used in these are very high quality stones and look nearly identical if not identical to very high end real diamonds.  Then all of the stones are built into the chains and use what many call lab made or simulated diamonds.  In person you should be able to see the attention to detail and you should be able to pick up on some of it in our

This is just how we broke our hip hop chain section into groups.  Notice that each group for the most part has both non iced out and iced out chains.  Many chains can be worn by themselves or with your favorite iced out or hip hop pendant.  If you are looking for silver tone hip hop pendants we carry a wide range of both the popular black out bling bling pendants, and the gold tone hip hop pendants.


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