Hip Hop Jewelry For Sale At Wholesale Cheap Prices!


We have been known for years for releasing higher quality jewelry for sale at cheaper prices.  We do massive amounts of repeat business and have developed a crowd of very satisfied customers since 1999.


Over the years JESUS pieces have been one of the more popular pieces that we have sold.  One of our more recent JESUS pieces that has been very popular comes with a massive cuban chain and currently is on sale for $16.50.


The reason we do wholesale pricing on many of our items is this cheaper than advertising and makes for very happy customers.  You currently do not need a TAX ID to purchase from us and there is no minimum purchase.

Before selling hip hop jewelry we started off selling millionaire looking watches through high-end exotic car magazines and started getting request in for jewelry.  Since we started back in 1999 we have expanded from extravagant watches to hip hop jewelry per request.  By bringing higher quality pieces for less money we have developed a following of repeat customers.  In recent years we have had our jewelry for sale at wholesale cheap prices.  We sell directly to the public and businesses.  There is no minimum purchase and no Tax ID is required.  Many of our items come in on a limited number basis, so if you see something you really like you might want to consider purchasing at this point in time.

 New Hip Hop Jewelry Pendants Being Released:

Here we have hip hop chains ranging from custom pieces to standard solid stainless steel chains and even iced out chains.  Our iced out chains are often times what we are most known for, as we do not sacrifice on many levels with the types of simulated diamonds that we use.  When you use higher quality stones it typically can be very evident to those who know and handle jewelry.  Even those who don’t have much experience can often times very easily tell when a piece uses higher-end stones.  This is evident both in low light situations and even in high light situations such as a stage or outdoors.  There is a reason why uGleam does so much repeat business and why some may wait to buy something until we release it.  We are not the only jewelry store on the block, but often times we are the most trusted.  See Our Hip Hop Chains… In our hip hop jewelry pendants you will notice that we differ than most out there on multiple levels.  One we are very selective on what type of styles we will and won’t carry.  We are also very selective on what quality level we will and won’t pass on to our customers.  We have many of our customers for years and years and we don’t want to short change one person potentially costing ourselves lots of money in the future.  Beyond this is now how we like to do business.  We like our customers getting more than they paid for and our products and prices prove it!  We enjoy hearing our customers tell us how absolutely impressed they are with their jewelry.  For us this is a lot easier than hearing just the complaints customers bring to us about other companies.  Hey good business is good business.  Often times it is not near as profitable on the front end, but over time it pays off.  See Hip Hop Pendants… This a is pretty interesting section.  Here if you own a store or are just an individual buying for yourself or someone else you can buy rings often times cheaper than big stores can buy the same quality.  So, basically you get better than wholesale pricing on many items no mater how many items you order.  Another way of saying this is you get wholesale pricing on many items with no minimum number required.  Also, you do not need to show your reseller or tax ID to get the wholesale pricing on these items.  See Hip Hop Bling Rings…

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