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Welcome To Our Men's Hipster Watch Guide

Ultimate Men's Hipster Watch

In men’s hipster watches this watch really has impressive styling!  These watches combines the retro feel of the hipster movement as well as the fun since of style and color.  The classic look of this watch follows all the way down to the design of the band with two bold accents that not only look incredible, but increase the durability of the watch.

Ultimate Hipster

Retro Vintage

This piece has some serious quality.  Just the stitching and leather alone on this watch are extremely impressive.  Then you start to examine how the face is made and the retro grade stainless steel you have one hip hipster piece.

Serious Quality

Rare Metal Band Hipster

We had to feature this one as often times metal band hipster watches are rare!  This brings in the attributes of the ultimate hipster watch with the added benefits of a metal band.  This hipster watch has extremely cool lines with an industrial look and feel.  This is done all the times of keeping the classic line of the hipster watches.  Then you add the materials, attention to detail, price, and the overall stunning look of this watch and you get an absolute hit and for less that $20.  Enjoy incredible hipster fashion!

On Sale Now

The Hipsters Delight

The elongated digital watches have been a hit on the hipster watch scene and this one takes the cake.  One it is absolutely ultra trendy and retro all at the same time.  Then beyond that this watch has more of a rare quirky flare and is not commonly seen in mainstream fashion.  Then as an added bonus these go great with the dark framed glasses!

On Sale Now

The Loud Hipster

This watch screams hipster from it’s big bold colors to it’s retro classic look and feel.  This is a smartly designed piece that brings the hipster flair in high quality and low price.  The stainless steel case and specialty plating help to give this watch the durable that is nice to find in a specialty watch under $75.  This is more for the colorful and bold hipster crowd.  Keep watch as it will be interesting to see how these styles continue to merge and bring new life into a previously somewhat stagnate fashion market.

OMAX Since 1946


Metal Band Retro Hipster



Why can’t watches be simple, classic, and fun to wear?  The answer is they can.  With our line of hipster watches we work to bring exceptionally fun watches that are delivered at incredible values.  This particular watch looks like it is from an era long ago all at the same time of being ultra trendy with updated fresh and clean lines.  So, you can say a hip new retro look.  No reason to fight to try to totally redo the wheel every time.


The Retro Hero

This watch has found it’s way easily into our hipster watch guide and quite easily.  Just looking at this watch and you would think it was from another era.  Which is great as a good part of the hipster movement is having pieces with that retro flare and this is true even in what we call the sophisticated hipster fashion.  Great classic style is wrapped up into this watch along with color and manufacturing processes to give this watch the look that hipsters love.  This particular color combination has even a more modest retro feel to it.  The chunky design of the case resembles what some retro cases looked like even 50 years ago.  So you instantly get a classic and all less than $23.  Then beyond this the band is made in a way that gives the watch an older and ultra trendy look.  The face stays true to true hipster fashion by engaging viewers in its simplicity while maintaining a uniqueness that is not easily found.  The hands, number, and minute markers stay along these lines.  The numbers have a style that has been a classic and would not look out of place in the earlier hipster era.

  • Retro Styling 100%
  • Uniqueness 85%

The Manly Hipster Watch

This very masculine styled watch is one that has a retro look all with very contemporary and famous styling.  We add this watch to tour watch guide as it has an incredible appearance right from the beginning.  We like the color combination used in this particular watch.  Several different colors are combined to give the watch a very sophisticated look.  The easily marked numbers make the watch quick and easy to read.  Both the hour markers and hour numbers have the raised metallic giving the watch added character.  This watch also comes in a variety of color combinations that can be viewed on the Mark Naimer Watch page.  This color combination along with many of the others you can easily see fitting well together with big dark horn rim glasses and even a big beard if you so choose.  This watch incorporates a great fusion between simple clean lines and industrial.  Many companies make watches that are in the general styling to this watch, however they do not do this at these prices and at this quality.  These are currently on sale now for $22.12 and they are loaded with quality at this price.  Then beyond this we know the brand Mark Naimer and they put on some really cool feeling bands on their watches.  Many of them have anti-lint bands which is incredible!

Ultra Hipsters

This group goes have a lot of fun with style, color, and overall attire and has been very influential in the fashion industry.  When you think about it who has not seen someone wearing big thick glasses and sunglasses.  This group has effected everything from the big names in hip hop to the ultra trendy coffee shop guy or girl.   This group tends to be more daring and is ever developing new style and color combinations.  They still have fun bringing retro and big bold colors together.  It is more about the style than about the brand name.  Ironically enough they tend not to be as concerned about what traditional culture and fashion is doing at the moment, all at the same time of having a massive amount of influence on the main stream media.

The Grass Roots Hipsters

What we call the grass roots hipsters are those that typically are self confident enough to not care for the most part what the culture as a whole thinks of their styling.  These hipsters can typically be found everywhere from the US to Europe.  There styling is not the typical form of flashy, but at the same time it is very flashy.  This is done in an understated way that has more to do with styling than overall bling and brilliance. For example this is typically accomplished through a simple flannel shirt, jeans, the right foot attire, and often times a pair of very trendy glasses.  This group typically goes for a very retro and understated look.  When it comes to their watches they typically fall in line with all of these general guidelines.  Of course we know that we can put hipsters into much of a box, but this is a good guideline for what we call the grassroots hipster.  With this retro styling typically their watches are simple, clean, and not very expensive.  The goal is not trying to have some name brand, but rather a look, feel, and ideology that we don’t care about the label and don’t need to spend big money on any of our accessories.  This sect influences more and more of main stream society and in fact several groups have arisen from it.

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