Bling Bling Jewelry / Hip Hop Jewelry

Bringing you cutting edge men's jewelry.

Men's Iced Out Rings

Interesting rings with lots of bling all at absolutely incredible prices!  We even carry an array of custom hip hop jewelry rings.  Enjoy the fine selection and fine the style that fits you the best.

Hip Hop Chains

We have enjoyed bringing a wide variety of iced out chains and hip hop chains over the years.  We continue to develop new lines of iced out jewelry to go with our iced out chains.

Men's Iced Out Earrings

Enjoy a wide selection of iced out and bling bling earrings.  Keep watch as we bring you clean and cutting edge style for the bling bling and iced out jewelry wearer.  Enjoy and remember You Gleam More For Less!


Here you can buy bracelets cheaper than even the stores and malls can.

Silver Tone Pendants

Enjoy a wide range of bling bling jewelry pendants and standard hip hop pendants in silver tone.

Gold Tone Pendants

Gold is hot right now and has seemed to be on the increase for the last two years.  Enjoy some incredible deals we currently have going on.

Black Tone Pendants

Black pendants have been a favorite for many and we like them as they go with about anything.  You can put a black pendant nearly on any kind of chain!

Chain and Charm Combos

Your chance to get an incredible deal on an already put together set.  Often times you can get the whole set cheaper than just either a pendant or a chain by itself.

Custom Made Pendants

Looking for a quality that is really almost unseen in the hip hop jewelry market?  These custom hip hop jewelry pendants may be just what you are looking for.  They are made in very limited number and a superior quality!

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