Custom Jewelry

All of these custom hip hop jewelry pieces are not only made in limited number, but have a superior quality as well. One of the biggest factors you will see in these custom jewelry pieces that you will not basically find anywhere else that we have seen at least in the hip hop jewelry market is the plating goes through a 8-10 step process. This is significant as not only do they have one level of quality plating but once this quality layer of plating is finish. The entire piece is buffed and then plated again and then buffed smooth again. This process is gone though several times and ends up giving you a very high quality piece that should last for years to come on most pieces.

Then the buffing process gives the plating an extremely smooth and brilliant finish not found in much hip hop jewelry. With this multi-layer process you get quality you can see and feel. This type of process is not done on most hip hop jewelry for good reason – it is expensive to do and time consuming.

The next big thing you will notice is the quality of ice or bling bling used. Each stone is hand selected and is a quality level what most advertise as lab-made diamonds and what we call high-end simulated diamonds. The hand selected is not just a fancy term, but when you receive your pendant this can actually make a big difference especially the pendants, chains, or even watch that have color stones. How bad would it be to go through this long process of making one piece and then one of the stones does not match the rest? Pretty bad that is why this additional time is spent on the front end to make sure the color, clarity, and overall bling all match up! The finished product will be one you probably in all reality won’t be hardly able to believe that you bought it so cheap!

Enjoy the little markup and high-quality!

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