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Custom Iced Out G-Shock Watch Lemonade Fully Loaded

$875.00 $475.00


Here is a Casio G-Shock watch already fully customized for you ready to ship. This watch uses authentic Casio G-Shock parts with the exception of those that have been highly upgraded.  The quality used on these from start to finish make them an excellent buy.  Go ahead and look at the closeup the quality really is wild.  At the magnification used in most of these pictures most of your normal iced out watches would look ridiculously cheap.  Think of a normal watch how cheap they look just with your normal eyes.  Could you imagine if you amplified this times 50 how bad the flaws would like with this type of watch.  We did this with many of these watches to give you the sure magnitude of the quality you will be receiving.  You could easily pay an additional $1000 for this exact watch, but it does not mean it would be any nicer.  Enjoy!

Also, as a side note the watch still hold all of its original manufacturer digital functionality and warranty


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