uGleam Jewelry PROTECTION


This is a service we offer on a per piece bases that extends the life of your jewelry and additionally gives your jewelry a smoother finish.  See below for more details.


We do an in house sealing process of the jewelry items of your choice.  This process causes incredible extension to the life and finish of the plaiting.  Right now we only do this special process to the jewelry.  In the future we may look at making this process available for watches as well.  This process should quite easily cause some jewelry to last 10 times longer!  Plus, this gives your jewelry a smoother brighter finish!

  1. Add jewelry to your shopping cart.
  2. Add one uGleam Jewelry Life Extension for each piece of jewelry you want us to seal for you.
  3. In the order notes express which pieces you want your uGleam Jewelry Life Extension to.
  4. We take care of the rest for you.  It is about a 24hour process to seal your jewelry.


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