Real Diamond Watches

Real diamond watches come in a wide variety of styles and price points.  The prices on real diamond watches can range from under $30.00 to close around $250,000.  The diamond watches that are around thirty dollars use a small piece of what looks like dirt, but technically is a real diamond.  What watch manufacturers will often do is put this one piece of what looks like dirt at the hour markers and then put a silver backing on it.  In fact I the author of this article and President of The uGleam Corporation have one of these watches and I enjoy it because it is from a loved one that took a lot of time and thought to pick it out for me.  So, that is the entry level diamond watch.  Then you will see many watches out in the hip hop jewelry market that range from about $79 to to about $300 or $400 dollars.  These typically especially in the lower range have very few diamonds and those diamonds are not that impressive.  Then as you go up in price you can have several itty bitty stones which can look nice, however often times the stones look a little more dirty and often times not well cut.  Then you can walk all the way up to the quarter million dollar watches that use real high quality stones that have major bling and lots of them.  Not only do these type watches typically have higher quality stones that produce lots of bling they also usually come with some really cool movements on the inside of the watch.  Of course if you spend the price  of a house for a watch you can expect it to be made of quality from start to finish!

There are many benefits to real diamond watches and many disadvantages. You will have to way the options yourself to see if this is the best choice for you.
 One of the biggest advantages is if you get a diamond watch that is over $50 you are going to typically get a pretty good quality watch that is set in stainless steel.  This is nice because it nice to have a watch when you put it on you can tell it is a quality watch.  A disadvantage is that this type of watch will not have much bling to it and in fact under close inspection the stones may be hard to even see let alone being quality ice.  So, with this if you want the bling bling of having a diamond watch be ready to shell out the big dollars, so you can have the bling you want and real diamonds.



  1. You get real diamonds.
  2. If the watch is over $50 to $75 dollars you typically are getting a good quality watch also many of these watches come with cases.
  3. Once you get into the more expensive diamond watches they use diamond settings to hold stones in watch.


  1. Stones are typically really cloudy and some times end up looking like actual dirt until you get into the higher price range.
  2. As a general rule you have less styles and colors to choose from in diamond watches.
  3. Typically you have a very low carrot weight until you get over several  hundreds or some cases thousands of dollars.  This basically means if you want a diamond watch that blings be ready to spend major dollars.


Over the years we have carried both real diamond watches and fake or simulated diamond watches.  We have noticed that most people gravitate to the simulated diamond watches due to the quality of bling you get for the money.  We are currently in the process of developing a line of watches that should be a little bit shocking or revolutionary to both worlds.  We can’t really tell you much about these but all we can say is check back in 6 months and be prepared to start buying!  This is an exciting time in the iced out watch market and things are just beginning.


Real Diamond Watches by Bling Master

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