Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry

Wholesale Bling Jewelry & Even Hip Hop Jewelry

Higher Quality Bling @ Cheaper Prices!

You will notice that any of our wholesale hip hop jewelry is already being sold at cheap cheap prices directly to the public and some even below wholesale. However, we have been giving additional discounts to individuals and stores buying larger quantities of urban jewelry.  How this works is we have broken this down into 4 sections.  The first would be standard wholesale.  This is the standard prices you see on the site.  The next three tiers are based on quantity.


When your customers care more about quality than having a piece that is 1/4 less in price and last 1/2 the time. If repeat business is important to you. Why would you want to cut corners to gain a bad reputation? Let the time of repeat business and word of mouth start to work for you!


Wholesale Urban Jewelry Tier 1

This level of pricing is automatic.  In fact we give everybody these impressive prices.  WOW.  What a refreshing change enjoy!


Wholesale Urban Jewelry Tier 2

This is for customers that are ordering at at least 20 jewelry pieces.  This can include watches as well.  So, buy ordering 20 or more this will move you from Tier 1 to Tier 2.  Enjoy!



Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry Tier 3

This is a time to be serious and increase profitability.  Move from 20 to 30 pieces and you do just that.  You jump a considerable amount in fact another 10% which is both significant and massive in wholesale!



Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry Tier 4 (Top Enterprise)

This is for those that typically own many urban stores and sometime across multiple states.  This is not limited to those individuals but the bare minimal to get into this category is 40 piece per purchase of hip hop jewelry.  This can be done every week or once a year.  This is a place where you are getting items at such cheap prices for such high quality that it is a very interesting setup.  The reason we say this at this point in time our investment to have another run of this same jewelry may be 20-30% more than we would be selling it to you for.




At any point in time if something sells out this will automatically be removed from your order or we will call and see if you prefer any substitutes.  You will notice that you receive an amazing response on our products and many jewelry companies have benefited monetarily from doing business with us.  So, enjoy and watch your profitability soar.



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