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Iced Out & Hip Hop Chains For Sale

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Iced out watches, hip hop jewelry, and bling bling jewelry have been some of our strengths. We incorporated back in 1999 and since then we have been know for bringing exceptional watches to the market.  Since then we have added a whole host of hip hop jewelry per request of our customers.  In recent times we have even brought a line of hipster watches that are styled very different than our traditional iced out watches.  As you browse through the site you are sure to find uniquely designed watches both of our own design and designed by outside designers.  It is rare to find longevity in this market and we are very thankful for our longevity.  Year after year we are able to bring incredible pieces to the market and all at extremely cheap prices.  We would like to thank all of our repeat customers for all of their patronage and word of mouth!  Instead of paying big companies thousands of dollars we pay our customers with exceptional pieces for the money and the rest is history.


We ship from our central location in the USA which enables fast shipping and happy customers.  We do also ship internationally however we are extra tight on our security.  For both shipments inside the USA and outside the USA we have to ship to the card holders name and address.  All packages do come with tracking numbers no matter how big or small your order is.

We have been in the business since 1999 and have seen all types of jewelry care instructions come across our desk.  Here we will share the ones that we have found to actually work and also give you something things you may have not thought about that can actually be devastating to your jewelry.


First off we will start off with the wildest and most effective plan of attack, outside of just good general practices which we will cover later.  We first remember hearing about this procedure years ago when we had one of our customers call in and said he was buying our cheapest grade hip hop jewelry and it was staying brand new for him even though he was very rough with his jewelry.  He went on to tell us how he took care of this jewelry and the environments and conditions he put his jewelry through and it just the type of care that typically bankrupts the plating  on chains and the like.  What he told us was a little shocking at first, but it just makes since.  He taking clear fingernail polish and putting it on the part or all of the jewelry that was touching his skin as he was doing massive movements and sweating.  He said even with all of this his jewelry stayed amazing looking just like they day he bought it!  What is even more amazing to this is that jewelry companies have tried to do something like this and call it e-coating, however from what we have seen this typically leaves the jewelry a little dull looking.  However, with this mans method this is not the case at all in fact in some cases it may give the jewelry a little bit more of a shine.  How and why it works is simple.  It creates a barrier between the breath taking jewelry and the elements.  As an additional inside information we have found that this same clear finger nail polish can be used to repair jewelry.  If by some chance you have an event to knock out a stone you can simply replace the stone back into the piece and put some clear finger nail polish on it and now all of a sudden your problem just disappeared.


Now regarding things that can be degrading your jewelry quickly without  you even realizing it ahead of time.  One of the more common things we have heard over the years is what you might think would be a good practice, but actually can be devastating to jewelry.  This is jewelry cleaners.  Jewelry cleaners can often times have harsh chemicals in them that not only eat dirt away but even high quality finish.  This is not every cleaner, but the chance are stacked against you on a liquid cleaner.  The safer route can be a jewelry polishing clothe and some of these have chemicals in them that can be aggressive.  Many high-end jewelers as an alternative use steam to clean high-end pieces.  Another often times unknown aggressive agent can be colognes and perfumes.  These can have chemicals in them that are very harsh on all types of jewelry.  This mostly shows up with men and women that wear chains and pendants.  The next is more obvious and that is salt water from the ocean or extravagant salt water swimming pools.  If you know cars you probably know that this very useful element can eat right through a car!  Most of today tap, swimming, and bathing waters have cleaners in them to keep harmful bacteria and the such out.  With this it is always good to be aware and know these things ahead of time.


Plus, just good general practices of storing your jewelry in a safe environment, keeping dry, and physically treating roughly are always a good idea.  Think about this if you get a nice $80,000 car and treat it like a junker, how long do you think it will be before it looks like a junker?  These are just some tips we have learned over years of experience to help already long lasting jewelry last even longer.

  • Hip Hop JewelryWe have been in the business since 1999!
  • Higher quality products at cheaper prices
  • We do massive amounts of repeat business
  • USA based company
  • Registered With Federal, State, & Country Government
  • Are known for our customer service
  • We are registered with the Better Business Bureau


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Customer Service

uGleam has been know for our customer service for years.  In fact since 1999 our customer have come to expect service that goes above and beyond the call of duty.  This is partially why we here at uGleam to so much repeat business!  For fun you might enjoy seeing how uGleam has developed over the years by visiting and using their waybackmachine.

Bling Bling Savings

Many people know us as the wholesale to the public company.  It is extremely common to buy much higher quality watches and jewelry from uGleam for even cheaper prices than lower quality watches or jewelry found elsewhere.  You will notice the quality difference right off the bat, as well as major discount on prices.


We take our security very seriously.  In fact we use a whole host of third party security systems to give you a safe shopping experience.  If you are new to uGleam you can be comforted that we are registered with the Federal, State, and Local Government.  Then beyond this we are registered with the BBB and have extra credentials posted as well.

New Iced Out Time Pieces and Hip Hop Jewelry Being Released!

WOLFE Time Piece Review

When it comes to quality, styling, and price the WOLFE TIME PIECES are hard to beat.  These use a level of quality and craftsmanship that is hard to find even in the bling bling watch market.  You will notice the clarity of the bling used in these iced out time pieces, even at high magnification the stones look great.  Typically what you will find with cheaper watches or even more expensive pieces that cut corners is the more a picture is magnified the junky the piece looks.  A true testimony to the quality is an actual in depth magnification.  You can even notice that in the sides of the case the stones are sunk into the case which not only increases the pleasantries of the aesthetics of this amazing bling bling watch, but also helps these pieces to last longer.

It is said that imitating is the highest form of flattery.  The elegant design of the WOLFE WATCHES have experienced this.  Theses pieces use a cutting edge style that displays both elegance and ingenuity.  The interesting thing about the WOLFE time pieces being copied is that one they obviously fakes.  Then the wild factors are the fakes of the WOLFE time pieces have a shortage of features and quality, but not in price.  So, why not stay with the originals and have a much higher quality and have an original.

We believe part of the reason these iced out pieces have been so popular is both the styling and the size.  This iced watch features a variety of both very small round stones and square stones.  This gives this iced out jewelry watch a very classy look and keeps the watch with clean lines.  Regarding the size of this watch, it is a standard larger midsize unisex watch.  Men have been going towards the more standard look while the women have been moving towards the larger more attention getting faces.  So, this one watch fits both of these to the T.  Enjoy and happy shopping!

On Sale Now

Ready or not here is a run down on the new bling bling watch by Bling Master.  These are top notch fake diamond watches and sold often for $600 to $700 in the malls and right fully so!  Pictures and videos really don’t do these watches justice.  We just talked recently with a person that bought an old version one of these he said about five years ago for six hundred dollars and was wanting to buy another one.  Here is the awesome thing!  This new round of Bling Master is off the charts even in the hip hop jewelry realm.  Some incredible upgrades have been made both in the bling used and the level of plating.  When you see these watches in person it is hard to believe you were able to get one under $1,000.00.  These watches are totally iced out in not just any bling bling stone but high-end CZ stones.  If you don’t know iced out watches and hip hop jewelry that basically means you should not be able to tell the difference with the naked eye between these and very expensive real diamonds.  You can see a lineup of these replica watches for sale here.  These are absolutely stunning bling bling watches from start to finish.  Get them while supplies last!

Operation Bling Bling Has Begun!

uGleam has been in business since 1999 and in fact started on top of the market and still is the go to source for quality and cheap cheap prices.  Operation Bling Bling has begun and you will begin to see even more awesome bling bling jewelry, bling bling watches, men’s best replica watches, and even trendy cool watches being added.  A pretty exciting time hear, which turns into a pretty exciting time for our customers.  Also, look out for some more videos giving you a closer look on some of our exciting new products.  Take the time and browse through the site and see just what is happening.

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