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Mens Iced Out Jewelry Rings

Interesting rings with lots of bling all at absolutely incredible prices!  We even carry an array of custom hip hop jewelry rings.  Enjoy the fine selection and fine the style that fits you the best.

Hip Hop Chains

We have enjoyed bringing a wide variety of iced out chains and hip hop chains over the years.  We continue to develop new lines of iced out jewelry to go with our iced out chains.  In fact many of our iced out hip hop chains now have different color very high end simulated diamonds.  This give you a much wider variety of bling bling jewelry to choose from.  The quality of bling used in our chains is what many people refer to lab made diamonds, however we refer to them has simply high-end simulated diamonds.  There is a market difference in these chains than those that simply use a cheaper stone glued in the necklace.  Some times it is much cheaper over the long run to find a much...

Hip Hop Jewelry Pendants

We carry wide variety of hip hop pendants and custom pendants to go with your chains and the rest of your iced out gear.  Every single one of our hip hop bling pendants uses real diamond settings and high-end simulated diamonds to give the look and feel of a real diamond hip hop pendant.  We carry a wide range of color combinations and styles.  We do not carry any cheaper quality pendants right now though.  Every pendant we carry has to meet a certain quality standard or it does not make it to our hip hop bling line up.   Please take the time to browse through our extensive inventory and let us know which pendants you do like.  Also, keep watch as we are often adding new hip hop...

OMAX Military Watches

OMAX watches make awesome men’s watches for a cheap price.  In fact wearing these military watches and looking at these watches some look and feel like you should have paid $200 or $300 dollars extra than you really did.  Now that is what I call an awesome watch deal.  So, enjoy OMAX which has been around since 1946!

Mark Naimer Men’s Watches For Cheap

Mark Naimer makes some of the best cheap watches for men.  In fact Mark Naimer makes higher quality watches than most people are use to seeing in this category.  In fact you can even see the quality down to the detail of the type of batteries used in these watches.  They go for the higher quality which makes them last longer and makes them no cheap watches.  At the same time we are able to deliver these incredible watches at very cheap prices.  Enjoy the exciting and sophisticated styles that Mark Naimer watches are known for.

Touch Screen Digital Watch

Just touch the dot and the time appears.  Enjoy these handsomely designed novelties.

Awesome Ladies Watches at $14.97 or Under

Here are some incredible ladies and women’s bling bling watches at remarkable prices.  See, why uGleam does so much repeat business.


These watches were originally made for the guys.  However, they have quickly become in high-demand among the ladies.  These watches are very high-end and use very high quality bling that is actually sunk down into the case of the watch.  Then beyond this the watches use a lot of really attractive angles and are topped off with baguette stones and shinny genuine leather band.  Ladies enjoy!

Recent Posts From Women's Bling Bling Jewelry

Ladies Bling Bling Earrings

Enjoy awesome ladies bling bling earrings for the money!

Classic Women’s Necklaces

These are stunning classic necklaces that have been favorites for men and women for years.  These classic chains obviously can be worn by either men or women and have been regaining popularity in recent years.

Recent Posts From Men's Bling Watches

Bling Master Diamond Watches

Made with real diamonds, high quality, and loads of style.  Bling Master Diamond Watches deliver!

Huge Bling Master Simulated Diamond Watch Sale

Bling Master makes watches for men and women.  These iced out watches have some very sharp styles and features.  Many of these bling bling watches are iced out with baguette or even princess cut ice.  This gives them a very strong bling factor.  Also, an added benefit is we sell many of these watches below wholesale!


These are very impressive custom bling watches from the inside out.  In fact we have taken one of these watches apart recently and have never seen a watch with such a high quality iced out face.  The inside workings of this watch are solid and the outside is obviously fully loaded with ice!  These watches are made with very nice black genuine leather bands and some of these watches even come with fully loaded custom iced out bands.