Iced Out Watches & Hip Hop Jewelry for sale at cheap prices!

Welcome to your source for iced out watches, hip hop jewelry, and bling bling jewelry, at extremely cheap prices.  We have been serving the online community in iced out gear and watches since 1999!  In fact we were one of the first if not the very first.  You will notice that we are able to delivery a higher quality piece of jewelry at a cheaper price.  So, if you are looking for a popular JESUS piece or a timepiece with a little or a lot of ice we are your place.  Once a person starts to do business with us they come back again and again due to the positive experience.  We may make less per piece but we have some very happy customers and clients!  There is no minimum purchase, so happy uGleaming!


January 28, 2016:  We created a brand new Youtube channel to display some of our products.  This was done for many reasons.  First and foremost it will help us better serve you.  This will enable you to see our products from multiple angles and see certain aspects of our jewelry you might not be able to see from one or two angels of photographs.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?  Also, this will enable you to get a chance to see how each piece responds to light.  Videos can be found on individual product pages.  You can then make full screen and change resolution.  All videos are shot in 4k.

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