Black Jesus Piece Pendant & Necklace Kanye West Style MEGA SALE

Introducing a new more affordable black Jesus piece Kanye West Style. Now you can have a Jay Z style black jesus necklace for much less. This is the same black jesus necklace as our other version but with less faux black diamonds. We know it is tough paying nearly $40 for the original fully iced out black jesus piece, so we made a more affordable style. Now you can have nearly the original look black jesus necklace for a super low price. This pendant is made out of metal not plastic! The black jesus pendant measures 2.5" x 1.75" wide and the rosary chain necklace is 36" long. The Kanye West style black Jesus piece is the best seller of 2009. Get your black jesus today and bling like the hottest rap stars with black on black jesus piece necklace. For the fully iced out black jesus neckace with over 125 stones click here for the Original Black Jesus Piece


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